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Swiffer-leaves-floor-sticky, swifter wet jet leaves floors sticky..help!? i have the purple kind that you spray the handle for the cleaner & the pad sticks to the end and every time i clean my kitchen floor, it drys & then i walk on it, it feels sticky.. Does the swiffer wet-jet leave your floor feeling really sticky? i just used mine in the bathroom and kitchen, and i can barely walk without having to pull my flip-flops from the floor. and it makes an audible un-sticking sound that sounds almost like...velcro. does anyone else have this experience?, i stopped using the swiffer wet jet solution because it leaves a residue on the floor. i always felt that my floor wasn't really clean because of the tackiness of that residue. you can remove the cap from a swiffer bottle and use any other cleaner or just a vinegar/water mix (it's also a lot cheaper). there are several websites and youtube ....

Swiffer leaves floor sticky.swiffer wetjet multi purpose floor cleaner solution 3 1 . swiffer wet jet antibacterial cleaner with febreze citrus. swiffer wet jet antibacterial cleaner with febreze citrus. objects images of different many categories, you're supposed to use the expensive swiffer solution, but you can "hack" the swiffer bottle (lots of instructions online) and put your own solution in it (a tiny amount of mr. clean or the like and the rest water). i may try swimcatsmom recipe and see how that works--hope the smell of the ammonia covers up the smell of the vinegar because, ugh..

Wednesday, april 30, 2014. one more step closer..., bissell steam & sweep hard floor cleaner, 46b4. the bissell steam & sweep clears hard floors of dry debris and steam cleans all in one pass. now you can thoroughly clean your hard floors while saving time.